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Lake's Diary 6

Thursday Dec. 15, 1910
I have just had a call from Bro. Vanderwall who told me that last night at the Central Tabernacle Jhburg while I was at Boksburg that a woman was instantly healed of a paralyzed arm, as Bro. V.D.W. Bro Scott Moffat and sister Hunt prayed for her at the close of the meeting she said her arm was quite I well and natural. Praise be to our God, forever, would that all men knew Jesus the Healer.

I received to day mail from Los Angeles, Cal. U.S.A. containing copies of letters written by false brethren here. These letters had been sent world wide denouncing me as all that was wicked and unholy. I also received a most unholy letter from one Geo. Bowie a man who apparently is or was a Christian worker of some kind but who seems to be consumed with envy an Jealousy. This is the opinion of all the American brethren with whom I am closely associated. Who assure of their Confidence.1

In diesem Tagebucheintrag John G.Lakes liegen Herrlichkeit und Verfolgung so nah beieinander wie in der Apostelgeschichte. Eben noch einen Anruf bekommen, der von einer beeindruckenden Heilung berichtet, dann ist schon die Post im Kasten, die Schmähbriefe beinhaltet. Das Leben in der Herrlichkeit scheint immer auch den Akzent der Verfolgung zu haben und wir sollten uns an den Gedanken gewöhnen, dass beides zusammenkommt.

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  1. Lake, John G.; Morgan, Talbert (2006): John G.Lake’s Life and Diary. Central Milton Keynes: AuthorHouse, S. 105 []

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