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Jesus, der Verfolgte

Ostern veröffentlichte „Die Entscheidung“ einen Artikel von mir im Internet. Ich war unterwegs als die Bitte um Verlinkung kam und kann erst heute wieder auf meinen Blog zugreifen. Deshalb kommt der Link erst heute. Bitte klicken sie hier.

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Lake's Diary 6

Thursday Dec. 15, 1910
I have just had a call from Bro. Vanderwall who told me that last night at the Central Tabernacle Jhburg while I was at Boksburg that a woman was instantly healed of a paralyzed arm, as Bro. V.D.W. Bro Scott Moffat and sister Hunt prayed for her at the close of the meeting she said her … weiterlesen »

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Lake's Diary 5

Thurs. Dec. 8, 1910
returned to my home where I received my American mail one letter from Bro Studd contained an offering of $120. American currency (24 Guineas English) also two letters written from Africa by E.M. Scurrah to the saints throughout the world. These letters Charge me with all vileness of misappropriating funds of all … weiterlesen »

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Lake's Diary 4

Continued Dec. 4, 1910
There was a very fine evening audience it is really wonderful how our audiences have kept up, considering how the Devil through Cooper, Bowie, Gillis etc. have tried to destroy the work. ((Lake, John G.; Morgan, Talbert (2006): John G.Lake’s Life and Diary. Central Milton Keynes: AuthorHouse, S. 79)
Lake’s Arbeit in Südafrika … weiterlesen »