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Gemeindeordnung der Jesus Freaks Remscheid
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Über Sir Ernest Shackleton, einen Polarforscher und herausragenden Leiter:
Lansing, Alfred: 635 Tage im Eis, die Shackleton-Expedition. München 2000
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Exodus: die Geschichte von Mose als herausragendem Leiter
Josua: die Geschichte von Josua
Könige und Chronika: die bewegte Geschichte der Könige von Israel und der Ein?uss von Heiligkeit auf den Führungsstil
Nehemia: die Geschichte Nehemias als Leiter

Internetseiten – Akademie für christliche Führungskräfte – DISG-Persönlichkeitstest – John C.Maxwell – blog von Marlin Watling mit viel Material zu Leitung und Gemeindebau

englische Literaturtipps von Richard Clinton
1. Henry Nouwen In the Name of Jesus.
Not so much the content of the book as the story that he weaves around the content of the book. This book is about humility and serving as a leader. It will stir your heart.

2. Henry Nouwen The Way of the Heart.
I read this book about once a year for the first 10 years of my leadership. It deals with three disciplines that I need in my life if I am going to make it…solitude, silence, and prayer.

3. J. Robert Clinton, The Making of a Leader.
You know why I think this book is important.

4. Steven Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
7 habits that I need to see established in my life.

5. 5 Biographies that have challenged and inspired me:
Jonathan Goforth (Jonathan Goforth)
J.O. Fraser (Mountain Rain)
Samuel Logan Brengle (Samuel Logan Brengle)
St. Anthony (Written by Athanasius)
Sealed Orders (Agnes Sanford)

6. Edgar Schein, Organizational Culture and Leadership.
You have to work at this book but if you are going to be involved in founding or pioneering a new work, it’s a goldmine. It is technical but if you can get past this, then there is a lot of good stuff for leadership.

7. Howard Hendriks, Teaching to Change Lives.
If you have a ministry role that involves teaching, preaching or communicating, this is a foundational book. I reread this one about every 2-3 years. Together with this book, I work with this book: Carl Shafer, Excellence in Teaching with the Seven Laws. These two books have been the foundation for all that I have learned about being a good communicator.

8. George Ladd’s The Presence of the Future.
This book lays the foundation for my ministry philosophy and theology. Along with the Kingdom theology stuff like Derek Morpheau’s Kingdom Breakthrough.

9. B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore The Experience Economy.
This book challenged me to think a lot about building structures and helping people experience God. Lots of interesting perspectives about how people go through an experience.

10. Erwin Raphael McManus, An Unstoppable Force.
This book is a good book about the local church. The chapter on Momentum (chapter 2) was especially significant for me. It helps me to understand the dynamic of pioneering.

11. Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point.
This is a book about social theory. He tries to analyze and explain the “magic moment” when ideas, trends and social behaviours cross the line from something that is just an idea to something that catchs people and spreads quickly. It is a book about change.

12. J. Robert Clinton, Focused Lives.
This is a book which looks at 8 lives of Christian leaders who finished well and what patterns helped them to focus their lives on following God. Very helpful. A companion book to this is Strategic Concepts which looks at the 4 areas of our lives which will help us focus in on God’s plan and follow them to a good finish.

13. Doug Murren, LeaderShift
This is a helpful book about leading churches through change. Lots of practical advice. Especially focusing in on leading people through a paradigm shift.

14. Gene Edwards, A Tale of Three Kings
Given to me when I was going through a difficult transition. This book looks especially at how to treat leaders who go before you and leaders who are coming after you. Really Really important to catch the attitude.

15. Eddie Gibbs, ChurchNext
This book focuses on identifying trends. I always like to read about trends that are emerging. This is focused on church so I grabbed it. So many good themes.

16. John C. Maxwell, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.
Very inspirational. Lots of great illustrations. Many of the qualities are central for being a Biblical leader. I could recommend many of his books. They all fall into the same category. Reading the Teamwork book now.

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