10. April 2009 0

Gebet für Bill Johnson

Kam eben über facebook rein:

Please Pray for Bill Johnson
Friends and Family,

This week we had a surprising health situation come up with my Dad, Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding. So I am writing to give you an update and a target for prayer.

Last week Bob Jones called and was concerned about my Dad’s health. As a result of Bob’s call my Dad went to the doctor to have some things checked on. He has had a hernia in the area of the abdomen that has caused some issues and discomfort. In checking out the hernia the doctors felt a surgery was needed the next day to fix it and felt good about the recovery. In preparing for the surgery they ran a routine blood test and had to cancel the surgery due to him being anemic. This set off another series of tests to determine what was going on. One of the tests involved checks for colon cancer and happened this morning. The results from this test show that his colon is in good health and he has no cancer. So, Yeah GOD!! They are going to run some more tests to see why he is anemic.

I had a dream last night and in the dream my neighbor was standing by his barbeque and there were some pretty big flames coming out of it. I was concerned that the flames would start a fire on my property. So I went and talked to my neighbor and he insisted that everything was fine. So I went back to my property and the flames got bigger and the wind started to blow the flames onto my property. Now I was really concerned and I told him that he needed to do something about his barbeque but he insisted that everything was ok. Then, out of nowhere, all these catholic nuns showed up on my property with rakes and shovels and they were making a fire line of protection around my property.

Part of Bob Jones warning was that the prayers of the church would be crucial in victory. So we are asking that you continue to pray for perfect health and life in my Dad’s body-that the hernia and anemia situations would quickly be healed and resolved. We are also asking that you pray from a position of strength and faith in the goodness of God for our family as a whole. Thank you.

We will keep you up dated as we know that some many of you are partnered with us in the Goodness of the Kingdom.


Eric Johnson
Bethel Church

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