07. Februar 2006 4

funny story

bill johnson in „when heaven invades earth“, p. 169 on the book of daniel:

The Hebrew four were promoted as a result of Daniel´s prophetic gift. Please note that there is no mention of Daniel operating in this gift before this crisis. Something similar happened to an evangelist friend of mine while still in his youth. He was invited to speak in a church in Canada. When he got off the plane, the pastor met him with a surprised look on his face, saying, „You are not Morris Cerullo!“ The Pastor had a great hunger for signs and wonders to be restored to his church, and thought he had booked a week of meetings with Morris Cerullo. The shocked pastor asked the young man if he had a sings and wonder ministry. He answered, „No“. The pastor, looking at his watch said, „You´ve got four hours to get one“ and took him to the hotel. Out of desperation, the young evangelist cried out to god, and God honored his cry. That night was the beginning of the signs and wonders ministry that has marked his life to this day. God orchestrated these circumstances so that both Daniel and this young evangelist would earnestly pursue spiritual gifts.

i strongly recommend this book to everyone. it is one of my favorites on the subject of gods supernatural power. now that i have carefully read through it i am looking forward to listening to his sermons on www.ibethel.org

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  1. wenn du wirklich bill johnson hören willst, solltest du den link berichtigen: http://www.ibethel.org

  2. oops. habe ich gerade geändert. danke für den tipp, aufmerksamer haso. aber ich habe ihn schon gehört. in itunes hatte ich die richtige adresse.

  3. was bedeutet „the hebrew four werde“ ?

    Rest versteh ich..

  4. tippfehler. richtig: „the hebrew four were“.

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